Inside the Freezer

Don't ask for a logical explanation...there isn't one
Chapter 12 Random Cut

Another random cut for you! According to my little notes, this was supposed to go somewhere in chapter 12, though I’m not really sure where now. But Lily was intending to go speak with Amos about how she accidentally told a room full of people she was dating James Potter, and decides to do this after his Quidditch practice. And since a possible trip to Quidditch practice is what starts us off in 25, it’s rather appropriate, too, I think. Well, ish. Enjoy. =)

I thought about taking a seat in the Gryffindor stands to wait for Amos, but didn’t want to make myself ridiculously conspicuous, so I joined the giggling pack of girls already seated in the Hufflepuff stands. I took a seat a few rows back from them, but that didn’t last very long. Almost the moment after my bum touched the seat, a burst of whispering sounded from the blob in front and turning around to face me, Nina Leverton waved me down.

"Lily!" she called with a bright smile. "What are you doing all the way up there? Come and sit with us!"

I knew I was trapped from the moment she’d spoken. I didn’t particularly want to sit with them—hell, I didn’t even know most of them. The only familiar faces were Nina and Julie Little, the rest I couldn’t name—but they were hardly mean girls (if some perhaps a bit on the daft side) and I didn’t want to be rude. So I smiled back at Nina and climbed down to take the empty seat next to her.

"Come to watch practice, then?" one girl asked.

"Er, yeah, sort of," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Actually, I was rather hoping to catch Amos after practice. I have to talk to him about something."

Quite unexpectedly, the girls grew instantly silent. I didn’t know why and though I really ought have realised what this was all about, I didn’t, and in my stupidity asked, “What? What’s wrong?”

They all looked at each other, each girl daring the other to speak. That’s when I started to get an inkling about what they were on about. Then—obviously finding her nerve, or perhaps after losing a silent bet that had gone on between the group as to who finally had to ask—Julie Little, looking quite fierce about the whole thing, went, “So it’s true?”

"What’s true?"

"That you’re breaking it off?"

"Breaking what off?”

"Hogsmeade with Amos," Nina cut in. "So that you can go with James Potter."


I was shocked. Utterly shocked. Though I probably shouldn’t have been because, had I actually been dating James, it would make sense for me to break off Hogsmeade with Amos. These people weren’t aware that I’d rather break off my right arm than break my date with Amos, however. They weren’t aware of the fact that James and I aren’t actually dating. They weren’t aware of the rather sticky predicament I’m in (which is hardly surprising, considering I always seem to be in such a predicament). So I had to set the record straight. I had to stop this madness before it got any further. Before Amos heard.

Unless he’s already heard.


Double bloody fucking shit.

"Absolutely not," I told them quickly, shaking my head and trying to laugh it off casually as if the whole thing was so ludicrous, I couldn’t even conceive it. Which, if I hadn’t started the rumour myself, I probably couldn’t have. "Where did you hear that rubbish?"

"I heard it from Penny O’Jene," one of the girls said.

"Kiki Molter said she’d heard it from Phil Rook," another added.

"Sirius Black told me," Nina stated.

Bloody hell.

"They were misinformed," I insisted, hoping I didn’t sound as hysterical as I felt. "They were all misinformed. I’m not breaking it off with Amos and I’m not dating James Potter. I’m not.”



Once more, they were all quiet, digesting the information.

"Well," Nine finally said, sighing slightly, "I have to say, that’s mildly disappointing." Then, quietly in a huff, "I knew Sirius was taking the mickey.”

"Yeah, he rather enjoys that," I muttered, making a mental note to hit Sirius Black very very hard the next time I saw him. "But how is it disappointing? I thought you’d be glad that I’m not breaking your poor captain’s heart?" "

Oh, no, it’s not that,” Nina insisted. “It’s just…well, I’ve always thought it’d be rather sweet if you started dating James Potter. You know, in that slightly ironic sort of way.”


Oh, Merlin.

The other girls instantly started chiming in with their agreements.

"He used to fancy you something fierce,” one of them said.

"And you’re Head Boy and Head Girl," another piped up. "Already a pair!"

"And you’re always together," Nina continued. "You get along rather well now, don’t you?"

"I always felt a bit sorry for him when you’d say no," Julie announced, nodding along with the others. She seemed to be trying to compel me to agree with her eyes, like she was taking this whole thing personally. "He always looked so dejected."

I’ve created a monster. That’s what I’ve done. A monster.

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