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Anonymous asked: "You seem to have the whole story ready to be told in your head. Then why are you not updating? Please don't tell me you've been busy, its almost a year! ONE CHAPTER, BEE? HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU NEED?"

Did you know that cats can sleep 16 to 18 hours a day?

Anonymous asked: "When planning Commentarius, did you make a school timetable for their year group?"

LOLLLLZ NO. I mean, can’t you tell? At one point I went in and attempted to at least execute some structure to it, but it’s pretty much useless and now I just vaguely follow a general schedule but deviate at will because ehh, realism, who needs it?

Anonymous asked: "How often do you go on tumblr?"

I’d say I probably at least check my messages once a day, if not scroll through some dash or answer anything. Depends on how much time I have or if I’m in the mood or if I feel like sitting on here for five hours (which, lbr, of course I’ve done).

Anonymous asked: "Hey! I've asked you this before but I can't stop myself from asking again. Sorry! So, what do you think about Gabby leaving Chow again? And how far do you think she can go now?"

Ooh, I never saw this one! Tumblr eating my asks… (or me missing them. But I like “It’s tumblr’s fault” better.)

Honestly? I’m not terribly shocked. Gabby’s young, she achieved everything very quickly (because remember that time she was 100% inconsistent even six months before the Olympics and then went on to win them oh yes right) and comebacks are really, really hard. Looking for a new coach (twice?) may be her way of dealing with all that. But the truth is, I’m dubious of her comeback—dubious of all comebacks, really, but especially Gabby’s, because she really doesn’t have anything to prove. She’s won everything you can win. If she doesn’t make it, oh damn, I guess she’ll go home and cuddle with her two gold medals. It’s not like Kyla, who was mostly overlooked in London, or Jordyn, who didn’t get to achieve what she arguably deserved. Even my beloved Aly, much as I would lovvvvee to see her back on the floor, doesn’t have too much to drive her to Rio. But I guess we’ll have to wait until P&G to see what any/all of them are doing. If they even go this year. Very possible they won’t.

Either way, Classic is next week and I’m excited. =D

artof-gettingby asked: "Where is your oneshot based on the Rita Skeeter article? Is it posted on your tumblr or on Fanfiction?"

Here! I should probably eventually put it on FFnet, but I am lazy.

Anonymous asked: "But what specific scene we've already seen???? I've wondered for quite a while now, but can't think of anything... :("

He’s not referring to specific scene you’ve already seen. You’re not meant to know! =)

Anonymous asked: "Based on what you've said about Grace's future in the past, do her and Emma and Lily sort of drift apart after Hogwarts? Does she return for Lily's wedding/funeral? And does she ever meet Harry? I'm actually happy that Grace lives because the idea of her being in the Order and dying made me really sad, but I'm just curious :)"

It’s really hard to answer these kinds of questions because JKR leaves us very little room to allow any of Lily’s friends to retain any presence in her later life or Harry’s life (which is rather implausible in itself considering Lily was meant to be quite popular, but I imagine JKR was sort of forced to have that be the case because any mention of Lily’s friends would’ve come off as extremely false if they didn’t mention Snape, and of course they couldn’t mention Snape, etc). So these hypotheticals are all kind of eh. I do very much imagine that Grace went into some kind of sports-related career that kept her travelling quite a bit, but canon really doesn’t allow for her to have met Harry, does it? Or at least, not in a way that made her any real presence in his life, otherwise she would have stepped in when he was sent to Petunia. So, yeah, I don’t think I can give particularly good answers to this. The downsides of fic!

Anonymous asked: "Bee I really love commentarius and I wanted to say your fic reminds me of Angus Thongs- I also wanted to ask what will chapter 27 be called?"

I still don’t know yet! I know it’s definitely going to include something about ‘Stand-ins’, but the actual title is still not cemented. =D

Anonymous asked: "K, so about the fight in ch. 32: @ 1 point, J takes L to Dumble's office, & asks her if it means anything to her. She doesn't get it. So, I was rereading a couple chapters, & I read the part where J & L are in front of Dumble's office about to have a meeting w him or whatevs & J is convincing L that she means more to him than Liz. IS THAT WHAT HE MEANT?? HE WAS"

No. He’s not referring to some specific scene we’ve already seen in the story. =)

Anonymous asked: "Haha, "will james' big thing be really big?". Am I only one who read that and thought something dirty? Bhaha"

I like the way your mind works.

carolandharry asked: "Bee, I miss Commentarius questions, so I re-read some parts today and I am going to just ask them: (i) Does James feel guilty over the fact that he never went to his grandmother's funeral with his mum? And if so, how does he feel now that Lily almost died right after a fight with him (not unlike his mum); (ii) Why does Liz get away with saying what she thinks, yet Lily and James' friends are so cautious about how they deal with him? It's weird. MISS your story! Hope you are well!"

1) Yes, definitely. James loves blaming himself for things, and naturally with what happened to his mother and the fact that he chose not to go, it would affect him. I don’t think the parallels in that situation and the one now occurring with Lily will be lost on him.

2) Because Liz was sort of an inside-man in all of James’s worst moments. She has no need to tip-toe around James, so she doesn’t. It can be argued that Lily + Co should stop tip-toeing around James, but the fact remains that they right now continue to do so. =)

comealongraggedypond asked: "Okay so my brother is the biggest Harry Potter fan that I know and he's sooooo not into fanfiction but I somehow got him to read your brilliant oneshot about the aftermath of the Rita Skeeter article and he loved it!!!! He was laughing the entire time he was reading and when he finished, he said "J.K. Rowling could have written that" (and I agree with him!) :D"

=D =D =D

camelindistress asked: "The fic anon is looking for might be this one by Apalapucian: apalapucian(.)tumblr(.)com/post/78661517036/oh-great-um-prompt-lily-gets-flak-for-dating-james (there's a sequel too :)"

For anon!