Inside the Freezer

Don't ask for a logical explanation...there isn't one
Anonymous asked: "Is Lily anything like you? Never Healing Everything? Pathologocal Lying? Madness? Avariciousness? Inferiority Complex? Bad karma? Avoids confrontation? Indecisive? Loves rice? Loves fudge? Hates people like Liz?"

Um, yes to all of these things.

Is that bad?

Anonymous asked: "Are some of the characters you've created inspired by real life people? If so, which ones?"

No, not specifically. I feel like there are some similar characteristics, but I’ve never written a character who directly is someone I know.

Anonymous asked: "What is your favorite chapter of Comm that you've written so far, Bee?"

Ahhh, that’s hard. I think I tend to like specific scenes more than I do overall chapters, but I think I probably like 24 best as of right now. It had a little bit of everything.

Anonymous asked: "Where is this audio post thy speak of"

It was the one I did for chapter 25 over yonder.

Anonymous asked: "How's life been treating you Bee? Any near death experience this year? (I hope not!) <3"

Not yet, surprisingly enough! Though today I did have this weird pain in my head and was 47% convinced I had a tumor or brain failure or something else really bleak that causes weird head pain. So, you know, if you don’t hear from me in a while…

attentionhorcrux asked: "Hello! I just listened to your audio post again and you are such a lovely person! You really need to do another one soon. *wink wink nudge nudge* :)"

You mean you didn’t vomit at all the awkward chuckling??

Maybe I’ll do another one when 26 comes out. I’d have nothing to say if I did one now.

Anonymous asked: "What's your favorite Taylor Swift song, Bee? You being her huge fan and all :)"

It literally changes constantly. How can I even pick just one? I mean, “All Too Well” is probably the one I bestow with the privilege most, but I could easily swap that with a dozen others (Ours, Last Kiss, Stay Stay Stay, Enchanted, Story of Us, I’d Lie, White Horse, Holy Ground, SERIOUSLY I CAN KEEP GOING)

Anonymous asked: "Is it fair to expect that certain hyphenations will remain intact throughout the next chapter? As it seems that J may be in a self-imposed exile, it's hard to imagine that talk happening. The boy can't entirely deprive a sick girl of comfortable shirts and hospital wing cuddles, though, can he? & despite other emotions she may have on the "love" subject, would L like to hear it again? Bombardment strategy - maybe at least one of these isn't spoiler-gif worthy :D"

*snerks* I like your bombardment strategy. It’s a solid tactic. But I can’t answer any of these just yet. What I will say is that every one of them is answered in 26. That’s something, right?? =)

Anonymous asked: "I was just rereading Comm, and realized, the reason Lily has her near-death experience is because she drank the tea in divination, that day she skipped breakfast after her contemplations about her relationship with James on Oct 15th! That is my theory."

You’d think by now Lily would know better than to skip her balanced breakfast.

Anonymous asked: "Yes, where is James? HMMM?"

In my pants.

Anonymous asked: "Now I can't wait for the next one. So will we see more of the war from this point?I mean we've had sprinkles and small doses of it. But does it or will it take center stage at some point in the story? I think you vaguely address "thrice defied - #1" will be in comm. Or did my brain write fanfic for you fanfic :'D Love you,keep rocking."

The war does become more prevalent moving forward, definitely (though balanced out with typical Comm!fare. I’m not turning completely dark on you). And there are plans for a defying moment of sorts. =)

gryffindor-braveatheart asked: "Will Lily's ailment be completely healed after this chapter??"

I wouldn’t say completely healed, but you do get to the bottom of it all.

Anonymous asked: "Would you ever consider doing a one shot from Commentarius!James POV?"


Anonymous asked: "Hiya Bee. I've been rereading Comm in preparation for 26 and noticed some of yet unresolved things. For example: what was James doing the weekend Lily was holed up in the RoR after the fight with Emma and why didn't he go check up on her? Will this be revealed later on or is it just not important? Thanks and much love"

Just not important. There was some reason why I had him stay away, but I honestly can’t remember it now. In any case, yeah, not important. =)

Fyi, just fixed the voice post link. Sound cloud, ftw. Also, I forgot how asinine I sounded on it. I feel the need to apologize again. Sorry.